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#6 – Toffee-Caramel Corn

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It’s a perfect time of year for caramel corn! Got popcorn? Sea Salt? Date syrup? Go here for the recipe.



And 5 more from faithful date syrup users..

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#21 – In a whiskey sour. Hmm! We’d like to see a picture of that.

#20 – In steel cut oats with raisins and coconuts!

#19 – Mixed with strawberries on pancakes..mmmm…

#18 – Mix with butter and spread on cornbread!

#17 – As a sweetener for homemade breads.


#23 – What is a Creamy Date Pot?

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datepotsThese are by far one of the most creative uses for date syrup I’ve seen yet – and one I plan to make asap! I had to go ahead and post it just for the lovely pictures! Find the recipe here.

#25 – Pumpkin Pizza – Seriously? Yum!

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We ran across this gem today – anyone tries it, let us know!

#34 – Date Caramel Sauce

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I think I might prefer to eat this sauce straight from the saucer! I bet it would make a great latte topping as well!


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Ever wished for a chocolate recipe without processed sugar or artificial sweeteners? Ok, how about just a chocolate recipe with a very rich, complex taste? Here you go! 

#39 – Almond Butter Bars

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These scrumptious yummies can be made raw and would make an incredible holiday treat!

#41 – Baklava

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If this isn’t one of the most interesting uses for Lavash bread, I don’t know what is! Thank you PhamFatale, for the recipe!

#42 – Raw Cookie Dough Balls

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This fun and easy recipe can be found here! Full of fiber, protein and.. taste!

#44 – Peanut Butter Cookies

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Oh buddy do we LOVE almost anything peanut butter! Whether you make your own date syrup, or buy it, this is a recipe sure to please!